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Sainte Anne Island

Saint Anne Island, part of the Seychelles Island chain, is the main island in the Marine National Park of Mahe
Saint Anne Island, part of the Seychelles Island chain, is the main island in the Marine National Park of Mahe. It is backdropped by a mountain that rises 800 feet. The mountain is surrounded by tropical vegetation. The island was discovered on Saint Anne's Day, which is how it got its name. The island has become famous and was popular among early French settlers who later populated Mahe. In earlier years, Saint Anne Island has been used as a safe haven for an escaped prisoner, and as a whaling area during the 20th century. Until the year 1992 Sainte Anne Island was the home of the National Youth Service. Here, young people ages 15 to 17 spend time working on the island as a part of their mandatory education. Since that time, however, Sainte Anne has been urbanized and includes a large hotel for visitors.

The shorelines of Sainte Anne are quiet except for the sounds of the surf and the rustling leaves of the palm trees. The beaches have white sand, and the three beaches on Sainte Anne are full of marine wildlife. These beaches offer a unique experience of being in a completely natural surrounding. Bounded by Marine National Park, Sainte Anne Island has more than 150 types of fish and other undersea life. Because of the Marine Sanctuary, powered water sports are not allowed. One goal of the Marine Park is for the resources of the sea to come to thrive again as they did before humans populated the area. However, snorkeling is amazing on Sainte Anne, and so are scuba diving expeditions.

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The Marine Park on Saint Anne Island was designated in 1973. It was one of the very first parks of its kind in the Indian Ocean. The park includes six islands off the shore of Mahe on the side where the city of Victoria is located. Sainte Anne is currently the most important nesting site for Hawksbill turtles. The clear waters are perfect for snorkeling, and there are also limited guided scuba dives near the coral rerefs. People from everywhere love to stay on Sainte Anne Island. Whether young or old, visitors enjoy staying on Sainte Anne Island and find it to be like an earthly paradise. Few places in the world are as beautiful and enjoyable as Sainte Anne Island. It is a great place to vacation with family and friends without problems or crowds.

sainte-anne-2 picture
Sainte Anne Resort is a resort with the concept of "single resort, single island." It is set purposely in the center of the Sainte Anne Marine Park. Though the island is fairly large, only the side with the resort is occupied by humans. This is on the north side of the island. The island resort has 87 villas that are roomy, single story abodes where visitors can live while vacationing in privacy. All villas have hidden gardens that are very beautiful. Sainte Anne Island is about a 10 minute boat ride by the resort's private speedboat to the island of Mahe. The speedboat terminal is only about 15 minutes from the Seychelles International Airport. There is also a helipad on Sainte Anne Island for those who are in an even bigger hurry.

sainte-anne-3 picture
Accommodations consist of the 87 villas on Sainte Anne's Island. Though 87 is a large number, the island covers around 500 acres, so every building is surrounde by plenty of space, which makes it easier to maintain privacy. It is a great place to vacation with friends and family. Each villa faces the ocean along three different beaches. Every villa has its own secret garden area in which to relax. A network of trails and hiking paths connect the villas to one another and the rest of the complex, a network that goes through a number of beautiful tropical gardens. For visitors who have trouble getting around, there are electric golf carts and bicycles they can use as transportation. In a typical villa, visitors can enjoy 200 square meters of living area consisting of bedroom, lavatory, detached toilets, lounge, separate showers, and walk-in closet. There are also exterior showers and a walled-in backyard including the personal garden with gazebo.

Every villa has a private terrace and backyard garden and is only a few steps from one of three beaches. It is a great destination for a honeymoon where people from all over the world stay and have a great time. While it may sound like the height of luxury, people who are not wealthy stay on Sainte Anne Island, too. It provides the perfect vacation spot for families and couples who want to enjoy their stay in the Seychelles without hassles of crowds or pollution. It is the kind of place a visitor will remember forever.

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