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Praslin Island

World famous tourist destination with lovely hotels and beaches that are considered the most beautiful in the world
Praslin Island, part of the Seychelles Islands archipelago, is a world famous tourist destination with lovely hotels and beaches that are considered the most beautiful in the world. In fact, Anse Lazio, on Praslin, is considered by some to be the most beautiful beach in the world. Praslin also has tropical forests with rare birds like the Seychelles Bulbul and the black parrot. A nature preserve called Valee-de-Mai has coco-de-mer trees and vanilla orchards. Valee de Mai has been compared with the biblical Garden of Eden. The Valee de Mai National Park has been a UNESCO National Heritage for a quarter of a century now.

When you visit Valee de Mai, the entry fee you pay goes directly to the cause of preserving the area that is agreed universally to be one of the most perfect unspoiled tropical regions in the world. This habitat protects animals, too, like the black parrot that is found only on Praslin Island. Other exotic species you can see here include the pitcher plant, which eats insects, vanilla orchids, and other rare birds like the fruit pigeon, and the Seychelles bulbul.

praslin-1 picture
The Praslin Airport is well connected with the other islands in the Seychelles, including La Digue, Cousine, Curieuse Island, Cousin Island, and Aride Island. There are other smaller offshore islets such as Round Island and Chauve Souris, both of which have hotel accommodations.

Located about 40 km northwest of the largest of the Seychelles, Mahe, Praslin was called the Island of the Palms by Lazare Picault, the first off-island settler, in 1744. The island has 38 square kilometers in area, and has about 5,000 inhabitants. It is like paradise for those who love nature. Along the beaches are big rocks, and the island is surrounded with coral reefs teeming with aquatic life. The center of Praslin Island is by and large virgin forest. Anse Lazio is located on the west coast of Praslin.

Access to Praslin from Mahe only takes about 15 minutes by air. By boat it takes about an hour. Praslin is one of the top travel destinations in the world, and people have unforgettable vacations here. There are accommodations here to fit any budget.

praslin-10 picture
Ornithologists also love Praslin because some of the most rare birds live on the island. Two examples are the fruit pigeon and the black parrot. There are several large resort hotels on Praslin, but development has been strategically planned to not interfere with the island’s beauty or ecology, meaning that this particular “Garden of Eden” is safe from human destruction. There are a few small villages on the island, and only a few thousand people live here. Most of them work in hotels and resorts, or make their livelihood from fishing. It is a great place to bring friends and family for a vacation.

The beaches on Praslin Island are covered with soft, white sand. Though Anse Lazio is the most famous of them, there are countless other beautiful beaches on Praslin. The beaches in general provide safe swimming and snorkeling. In addition to the coral reefs, the waters are home to nearly 1,000 varieties of fishes. For golfers, Praslin is the only island in the chain that has a championship golf course. It is also the only island other than Mahe to have a casino. It is a great central location for excursions to other islands like La Digue, Cousin, Curieuse, and St. Pierre. These islands are home to thousands of birds, turtles, and other wildlife, as well as coral reefs that make for excellent snorkeling.

praslin-11 picture
Praslin strikes the right balance between commercial development and respect for the natural ecosystem. With many natural wonders and perfect beaches, the overall feeling on the island is very peaceful and relaxed. It is one of the Seychelles’ granite islands, with mountains forming a “spine” down the middle. The island is about 7.5 miles long and 3 miles wide, which makes it the second largest of the Seychelles after Mahe.

About 5,000 people live on Praslin Island year-round, and by and large they live in small, scattered villages. Some of the villages where residents live are Anse Marie-Louise, Petit Anse Kerlan, Baie St. Anne, Anse Boise de Rose, Anse Consolation, Anse Volbert, Grand Anse, and Anse St. Sauveur. Those living here make their livings as farmers, fishermen, or in the tourist trades.

Praslin Island, particularly the spectacular Anse Lazio, is so beautiful that people who visit say that once they leave, they feel like they have to come back – if only just to prove to themselves that such a magically beautiful place really exists outside of dreams.

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