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North Island

North Island was one of the first islands in the archipelago to be visited by humans
Vacationers who are interested in getting away from crowded beaches and enjoying lush tropical greenery and beautiful white sand beaches should look no further than North Island in the Seychelles Islands. North Island is so beautiful that it has been used several times for location shooting on international films. The beaches are set apart from one another with amazing rock formations.

North Island was one of the first islands in the archipelago to be visited by humans. Alexander Sharpeigh with the British East India Company visited in 1609. At that time the island had a large number of giant land tortoises.

In 1826, Marie Josephine Celerine Beaufond began farming on the island. She was a descendant of French settlers who lived on Reunion Island. Beaufond's family owned North Island for a century and a half. The island produced fruits, spices, fish oil, guano, and copra. The plantation was sold during the 1970s, and the island, abandoned, was gradually taken over by feral animals left behind including cats and pigs. Several types of invasive weeds took over as well.

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North Island, like other islands in the Seychelles, has many huge granite rocks that have been there for eons. The land is not only fertile, but has clean water as well. The new owner of North Island has designed a modern day facility based on the story of Noah's Ark. It helps to preserve some of the endangered and rare flora and fauna of North Island. Tourists have their choice of accommodations in many beautiful locations. Most of North Island's hotels face the ocean so visitors can enjoy the view at all times. Because it is a small, not well known island, it is a great place to have privacy amid the magnificent tropical beaches. Because North Island is located outside the Indian Ocean's cyclone belt, it is a good location year-round for visitors. There are four beaches on North Island: East Beach, Grande Anse, Dive Beach, and Honeymoon Cove.

Since 2003, North Island has been owned by an eco tourism company from South Africa called Wilderness Safaris, and it has developed as a private resort area with eleven villas for rent to visitors. As the new resort grows, and native Seychelles wildlife species are being returned to the island, North Island is actually getting closer to its former unspoiled state. Visitors will love the North Island Lodge, which is a great place to enjoy beautiful unspoiled tropical settings without crowds. Each building in the North Island Lodge complex is handcrafted separately so that each can offer a unique experience of the island.

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Because of the island's location, climate, and resources, it is a great place for Wilderness Safaris to create their new Noah's Ark. The habitats will be rehabilitated to create a habitat where endangered Seychelles wildlife can be reintroduced to the island as well as given sanctuary in which to thrive. The result is an island that is close to perfect. Giant tortoises roam throughout the island, the Seychelles exclusive coco-de-mer palms grace the rocky outcrops, and the beaches are straight out of a dream. It is a place you will never forget once you go there.

All the villas and the main areas of the lodge complex are built on the eastern beach. The lodge has a dining room, lounge, health spa, gym, library, dive center, and swimming pool, which is built into a granite outcrop. The Sunset Bar is located on the western beach on the island, but most facilities on North Island are included in the price of staying at the resort. Some things cost extra, however, including yacht charters, golf on Praslin Island, spa therapy, in-villa massage, and deep sea fishing.

Those staying on North Island participate in a unique dining concept. The island chef discusses the likes and dislikes of the visitors. He then bases the menu on that plus the available ingredients that are grown in the organic vegetable gardens, raised on the island, or caught from the ocean.

Other opportunities included in the tariff are scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain biking, nature walks, sea kayaking, wind surfing, fly fishing, sailing, use of the gym, and use of the island buggy.

North Island in the Seychelles chain is one of 42 "inner" islands located near the two main islands of Mahe and Praslin. Some of the world's most beautiful beaches can be found in these islands. North Island is like paradise on earth, and is regarded by many as the most beautiful beach property in the entire world. Clearly, North Island is an amazing place. With the sea views and unabashed luxury, the villas offered for rent are large, comfortable, and have the best in terms of privacy and location in an environment that is actually becoming more pristine rather than more developed over the years.

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