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Mahe Island

The island of Mahe, located in the northeastern part of the Seychelles Island chain, is about 155 square km in area
The island of Mahe, located in the northeastern part of the Seychelles Island chain, supports a population of about 80,000. Victoria is the capital city, and it is there where 90% of the island’s population lives. The island was named after Bertrand Francois Mahe La Bourdonnais, of Maritius.

Mahe has a mountain called Morne Seychellois that is over 900 meters high that is located in Morne Seychellois Park. The northern and eastern parts of Mahe are where much of the business takes place, and is where the international airport is located. To the south and west, there is Baie Ternay National park, and Ste. Anne Marine Park, which lies off shore on Conception Island. Therese Island, Sillhouette Island, and Anonyme Island are the largest islands around Mahe. Mahe attracts vacationers from every part of the world every year, year after year. Mahe’s capital is the city of Victoria, which is also the seat of the Seychelles Island government. Mahe is one of the most bustling islands in the Seychelles. It also has the highest mountains, up to 902 m tall.

mahe-1 picture
In the year 1609 the British first visited Mahe. The island remained a possession of the French until 1814. After that it was a British colony. Mahe has an area of around 150 square km, and is one of the largest of the Seychelles. The city of Victoria, the capital, is a great place to visit, with a famous clock tower and port. The clock tower is an exact replica of Big Ben. Mahe is surrounded by a ring of smaller islands. Six of them are found off the east coast and help make up the harbor at Victoria. The little islands are a great place to get away from crowds. When you stay on Mahe, you’re only a short distance from the beaches. The forests of Mahe have plants that are only found in the Seychelles. Some of the rare plants are orchids. Mahe is undergoing a project to recover land due to inadequately planned population growth in the past.

mahe-2 picture
The hills of Mahe are covered with thick rain forests that are often cloud covered. Mahe also boasts a lot of art and cultural attractions, too. On the west part of Mahe is the Beau Vallon, which is a tourism center and has lovely beaches and waters perfect for water sports like wind surfing and sailing as well as banana boat rides. Another popular beach on Mahe is the Baie Lazare beach. The largest hotel in the Seychelles, the Plantation Club, is nearby, and there are artists’ studios at Anse aux Bleues and Anse la Mouche.

mahe-3 picture
On the island of Mahe in the Seychelles are located numerous markets featuring fresh fish and fruits. The Natural History Museum, and the Codevar Craft Center and Botanical Gardens are also here, with beautiful tropical plants that aren’t found anywhere else. Plenty of tourists show up on Mahe only to visit all the other islands using Mahe as a home base. But Mahe itself offers much to the visitor too. Inland from the beaches are hills that are densely packed with rain forests, which are high up in the clouds. And of course, Mahe has numerous cultural attractions and art attractions.

Of the satellite islands around Mahe, Sainte Anne is one of the biggest. It is also home to the Sainte Anne Resort. The Ile au Cerf was once the home of novelist Wilbur Smith. The Ile Moyenne is home to a mystery that includes a ghost of a woman and her dogs, as well as pirate treasure! The Ile Longue is where the prison is located, and it used to serve as a quarantine station. A tiny island is the Ile Cachee. The Ile Ronde features a restaurant called Chez Gaby, perhaps the only restaurant you’ll ever go to that is set in a former leper colony.

Though Mahe is the most populous island in the Seychelles, many people overlook it for the islands more famous for their attractions, like Praslin Island and North Island. But Mahe has quite a bit to offer, including mountain trails in unspoiled landscapes. Because Mahe is such a great place for walking and hiking, be sure to bring good walking shoes and a hat with a wide brim to protect you from sunburn. It is also very important to stay hydrated, so be sure to take a bottle of water on any hikes. There are professional guides who can show you some of Mahe's beautiful features, and you can obtain maps of the walking and hiking trails in Victoria at the Tourist Office.

Mahe is also the best place to get a feel for the culture of the Seychelles. Around 75,000 people live on Mahe, which is most of the population of the entire island chain. With its cultural offerings, extensive walking trails, and unspoiled vegetation with beatiful deserted beaches, Mahe is definitely worth spending time in when you visit the Seychelles.

Beau Vallon
Beau Vallon beach

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