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Fregate Island

Fregate is an island archipelago that is known for having plants and animals not found elsewhere on earth
Fregate is an island in the Seychelles archipelago that is known for having plants and animals not found elsewhere on earth. Naturalist from the world over have come to Fregate to experience the amazing, unspoiled beauty of the island. The island's name comes from the Fregate bird, which has a 12-foot wingspan and is found on the island. Birdwatchers delight in the variety of birds here, surrounded as they are by lush vegetation. The island also boasts seven white beaches on its one square mile of land. Fregate is located about 1,000 miles east of the Kenyan coast. The island of Fregate is one of the 115 Seychelles Islands and is home to hundreds of wild Aldabra tortoises as well as many bird species. Fregate is the most remote of the Seychelles Islands, and is home to rare reptiles as well. The island is privately owned and is sometimes visited by wealthy celebrities looking for privacy.

Houses on the island are the most comfortable of accommodations in the Seychelles, and they adhere to rules about protection and conservation of the island's ecosystem. There is a resort as well that has 16 villas that can hold up to 40 visitors. The villas are made of native mahogany that blends in with the natural surroundings. They are very luxurious, each having a large veranda and a Jacuzzi that is the height of sophistication for the high-profile guests that vacation on the island. The design of the villas and houses make the most of the picturesque sight of the Indian Ocean that bathes all the Seychelles in its turquoise waters. This luxurious, yet remote island is one of the most beautiful vacation sites in the world. Those who stay on Fregate Island or who tour it can try out a number of different water sports available off the beaches of the island. Swimming, sailing, diving, or snorkeling are four popular choices for activities on Fregate.

fregate-1 picture
Fregate birds can neither land, nor swim in the water, but rather use their clever maneuverings and speed to grab up the food caught by other sea birds. Discovering the beautiful Seychelles Islands in 1744, so impressed was Frenchman Lazare Picault by the fregates' aerobatics that he chose the bird as the island's namesake.

From Mahe, tourists can take a boat to get to Fregate, which rises up over 100 meters from the ocean. It covers almost three square kilometers and also has the distinction of being the most secluded and remote of the stone islands of the Seychelles. Fregate Island, like its namesake, is a symbol of the natural world at its most unspoiled.


fregate-10 picture
Even though it is very remote, Fregate Island contains a five-star kitchen where you can find the finest Creole cooking in the whole island chain, and it also offers the best wines. Meals are served in either a plantation house or in the main restaurant, where personal service is the main emphasis. Fregate Island even offers guests 24-hour room service in their villa, and also caters to special culinary needs, like beach picnics and private candlelight dinners. Guests may order lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner to be served on the beaches or on the terrace of their villa.


Even though there is probably no better place for relaxing and doing nothing, Fregate Island offers a surprising number of activities. The diving is excellent, as it is in all the waters surrounding the Seychelles. On Fregate, there are several diving and fishing expeditions on offer. Services in the villas include massage, babysitting, and reflexology.

fregate-11 picture
Fregate is one of the Seychelles' granite islands, located 55 kilometers east of the main island of Mahe. The deserted beaches are dusted with bright white sand, and are flanked by unspoiled coral reefs. The island also hosts rare wildlife and plants, and 16 luxurious villas with a number of amenities. Fregate is a world-class luxurious setting located in stunningly beautiful natural surroundings. Aside from the luxurious accommodations, Fregate has some of the best beaches and best service anyplace in the Seychelles, and that is saying a lot.


Because of its commitment to preserving the amazing ecosystem of the island, Fregate Island limits its habitable areas to 16 185-square meter villas to minimally impact the balance of nature.

The villas are built from traditional building materials like mahogany, which is native to the island, and African teak in simple post and lintel style. They all have densely thatched roofs, large bedrooms and living rooms, two bathrooms, veranda, Jacuzzi, and outside garden showers. Each private terrace offers great views of the ocean. The architecture and decorative styles are influenced by Balinese and Thai styles. Fourteen of the villas are perched on top of cliffs with stunning views over the Indian Ocean. The other two villas nestle in their own tropical gardens and are better for families who are on vacation with small children. Despite the traditional appearance of the dwellings, each villa comes appointed with all the modern electronics visitors need. There is also air conditioning if the sea breeze isn't quite enough.

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