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Felicite Island

Felicite Island is only for snorkeling enthusiasts, hikers, and the very rich
Felicite Island is situated 4 km away from the La Digue. This Island is also positioned with a close proximity to some other La Digue satellites like Marianne, Sister Islands, and Ile Cocos. It has many wonderful sites that you can go for sightseeing. There are many lavishly framed structures that are really outstanding and eye-catching. Felicite has gorgeous beaches at La Digue, and can offer you swimming and snorkeling facilities also.

Felicite Island is only for snorkeling enthusiasts, hikers, and the very rich. It’s covered with the mountainous terrain, which is surrounded by the excellent snorkeling places and also owned by the luxury resort named La Digue Island Lodge. The guests who stay at the lodge that is situated on the La Digue Island can get a good chance to walk over beautiful trails while enjoying snorkeling, and taking full advantage of enjoying the private island where they are for a short time.

At the time you book for the Felicite Private Island you will be very lucky enough to encounter some of the unique services and awesome nature’s gift. The Felicite is a French word that denotes bliss. Therefore staying here is completely blissful, with comfortable accommodation and staff set to cater your need.

felicite-1 picture
At less than 3 square kilometers, this charming island, which is just like heaven, sits proud in the center of most toured islands of Seychelles. It can offer you an overall panoramic sight of La Digue, Praslin, Sisters and finally Coco Island. Coco island is comprised of some of the beautiful aquatic world. This natural aquatic world is a very famous snorkeling place in the area of Seychelles. However, the Felicite Island has lots more to give than only its gorgeous seas, your Robinson Crusoe Island.

Many beaches have amazing swimming and snorkeling facilities you can enjoy. You can feel on top of this world with just 10 minutes of walk from your accommodations.

This island is filled with richness given by the fertile land and you will grow to love the many seasonal local fruits and vegetables practically right at your door step; and then feel it, see it, and eat it from your Garden of Eden.

Colonial House

Colonial House enjoys superb panoramic view of Praslin, La Digue and Coco. This Creole Style House gives two spacious rooms for the couples and extended family.


felicite-2 picture
Four Palm thatched A-frame style chalets with attic and patio is nicely included amongst the natural boulders and plants, overlooking Coco Islands and its Marine Park. Chalets are perfect for couples and families of four or five. Serving to your taste, the chef and his entire crew are at your beck and call in a very informal and familiar manner. But, they are well aware of preserving your privacy and keeping a touch of fine wining and dining. Felicité is densely forested, and it is perfect for exploration. Also there are lots of lovely beaches and interesting nooks and crannies to find, few of which are not readily accessible. They are also therefore extremely private. Maybe the best-looking beach, the La Penice, is located just hundred meters from bungalow accommodation and with mere two bungalows giving accommodation for eight people ensuring quiet a good holiday.


Staff is on a hand to supply to your whim and Creole style foods are served on large verandahs of the larger bungalow. All the drinks are integrated in your buffet price.

Activities and daytrips

There is a good list for daytrip activities that you may follow if there is nothing to do with these beautiful spots. Tennis court, swimming pool, snorkeling, diving, excursions to neighboring islands or else sailing, fishing, table tennis an assortment of the indoor games are some of the popular daytrip activities that you may accomplish for your adventurous purposes.

Special Features

felicite-3 picture
Since Felicité can just accommodate a maximum of about sixteen people, it is a perfect location for Tropical Island and family holidays. This island can also offer you services for possible wedding ceremonies by ensuring some of the special services for the special occasion. You can also book the whole island if you are thinking about a tour with your whole family. Make it memorable while staying at Félicité Island – that is a home to Zil Pasyon – is a two hundred and sixty eight hectares private park made up of the giant granite rocks and flawless emerald vegetation. You can feel in this island a strange nature and fuel your motivation.

There are many activities to do on this island and you can’t easily refrain yourself from such entertaining activities. If you love adventure then you can go for surfing or snorkeling like activities. This part of the world is full of astounding features that can easily grab someone’s attention. Everything out there is just beautiful and simply perfect.

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