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Desroches Island

Desroches Island is part of a group of islands called the Amirantes Group
Desroches Island in the Seychelles Islands attracts visitors from all over the world, and it is not difficult to learn why. This island is a little slice of heaven. Desroches Island is a small island in the Seychelles that measures about 1 km wide and 6 km long. Coconut groves shield the island from the sun. The beaches are creamy white, and the water surrounding the island is turquoise blue. The island is surrounded by a coral reef. You will be amazed when you see the Des Roches Island Resort. The stunningly beautiful beach, the dense vegetation, and the unspoiled nature of the island make it a truly breathtaking sight. People from all parts of the globe visit Desroches Island to soak up its beauty and relax in the sun watching the turquoise waters graze the shore. Tourists come here year-round.

Desroches Island is part of a group of islands called the Amirantes Group, which is a remote coral atoll. This island is like a jewel in its tropical setting. The Desroches Island Resort has twenty suites, each of them uniquely appointed. All suites feature king size beds, fluffy bathrobes, a lounge area, fans, and telephones. While the island may be unspoiled, visitors are definitely not unspoiled! There are accommodations to suit the needs of all visitors.

desroches-island-1 picture
Many people dream of walking on an unspoiled island, and Desroches may be the most perfect example of just that in the Indian Ocean. While Desroches Island is part of the Seychelles Islands, it is about a half-hour flight from the island of Mahe. That short trip by plane is well worth the time, because Desroches Island may be the most immaculately beautiful place you'll ever go.

Mostly the pleasures on Desroches Island are quite simple. You can explore the island by bicycle through an unforgettable coconut copse. If you want to spend the whole day outdoors – and who wouldn't – then the resort can prepare a picnic for you. The waters off the island are great for fly fishermen, as are the waters surrounding St. Joseph and Poivre, where species like carangues and bonefish live.

There are more than a dozen amazing diving sites surrounding Desroches Island. One of them is called the "Desroches Drop." Wherever you dive around Desroches, you'll find underwater columns and caves, all of which add up to an unforgettable diving experience. And of course there are dedicated professionals on the island to help divers maximize their enjoyment.

desroches-island-10 picture
If you are not a diver, it's OK. There are countless other activities both in and out of the water. On land, bicycling and French bowling are popular, and in the water, snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, pedal boating and windsurfing are all available. There are also charter boat tours for hire for sightseeing or fishing. But simply exploring the island by bike or on foot is a once in a lifetime experience. There are numerous secluded tracks leading to beaches, there is a small island village, and a lighthouse. Though it probably goes without saying, snorkeling is extraordinary around Desroches Island. You're likely to see schools of colorful tropical fish and perhaps a sea turtle.

The gorgeous blue-green water surrounding the island is perfect for diving year-round. However, because of the pristine nature of this unspoiled paradise, diving is allowed in designated areas, and all divers must follow the rules for diving in order to preserve the astonishingly beautiful marine world from destruction. Harpoons are not allowed, and penalties will be assessed against those who break the rules. The cliffs and caves surrounding Desroches Island are unmatched anywhere on earth, and the same goes for the coral reefs. The aquatic life is amazingly diverse and rich in species of fish. The diving center has excursions to more than a dozen diving spots, all of which are easily reachable within a quarter hour by boat. And of course, the necessary gear can be rented.

desroches-island-2 picture
Whether a diver is advanced and has been all over the world, or whether a visitor has always wanted to try snorkeling or windsurfing, Desroches Island is heaven on earth. The reef shelters countless sea creatures that are breathtaking in their beauty. There are also numerous snorkeling excursions to the other Amirantes Islands available.

Those who love deep-sea fishing need not feel left out. The waters are home to abundant aquatic life including tuna and marlin. And there is seawater fly fishing close by in St. Joseph Lagoon, for the fly fishermen out there. Desroches Island is all about the interplay between land and water, both of which are like a page out of heaven's own picture book.

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