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Cousin island, Cousine island, Aride island

Cousin, Cousine and Aride at Seychelles are good places for the eco tourism
Cousin Island was affirmed as a nature reserve in the year 1968. Then the coconut palms were removed and some native trees have since grown up all across the island. Warbler population has increased rapidly since warblers moved to the new habitat. Cousin Island attained carrying ability for Warblers in 1982, permitting new populations to get established on Cousine and Aride in 1988 and 1990.

The work was been coordinated by Bird Life International and it was Trans-located by the Nature Seychelles at Denis Island. This is the big preservation success story at Seychelles. Further relocation could allow this class to get removed from the list of the threatened birds. The goal is to boost the range of species to 5 places, and numbers to more than 3,000, and then reclassify species to a lesser group of Near Threatened. Cousin, Cousine, and the Aride Island, of Seychelles is group of 3 islands that are nesting grounds for some of the class sea birds and you will get about millions of diverse kinds of birds in that place. Some of the classes of birds is quite uncommon and there is barely any option to get chance to look at them somewhere else other than the Cousin, Cousine and Aride.

cousin-cousine-aride-1 picture
Considered to be great spot for nature caring tourists, these 3 islands have got their respective noticeable features. Cousin is recognized to be a nature reserve. Cousine is privately possessed island that is taken as Conservation Island as well as popular for sea loving fans. Lastly, Aride is the island that is specially recognized for the immaculate splendor and natural majesty. Some of rare classes of birds, which you will find in all these islands, are Warblers, Magpie Robins, and many other kinds of birds.

Cousin, Cousine and Aride at Seychelles are good places for the eco tourism. In all these islands you will get ample opportunities to look at the full life sequence of bird life and these birds have been kept in the natural habitat, and free from all types of trapping. It will be a completely great and ongoing experience at the Tours at Seychelles. For the benefit of travelers, there is an arrangement for guided tours. In all these visits, you may have the need of help from the tour guide, but it will make your visit to Seychelles full of fun and interesting.

cousin-cousine-aride-10 picture
Not just known for wildlife, islands are very well known for their scenic beauty. The bird lovers find out these islands to be the most excellent place where they will enjoy their vacations watching some birds in the natural surroundings all along with having a stunning view of beachfront area. In Aride Island you will get comfy hotels that are very well made for simple living. Finally, there are many trees, which are lined in beach areas and making it a magnificent destination for peaceful holidays. Cousine Island is not just a tropical destination but the island is 100% devoted to nature conservation. The island offers a variety of well being, from wildlife to beautiful sunsets and tranquility.

Pavillion house is a fresh water swimming pool, and lounge and library. Snorkeling is also available here, and this island's conservation officer will be able to take you on the journey by the Cousine Island's past. For little braver at heart, a variety of diving, fishing as well as day excursions are also offered here on this island. Cousine Island is one of the perfect places for the small, private and close couples that want to flee some of the traditional formalities. The Cousine Island can also offer tailor made weddings as well as honeymoon packages that allows for the individual villa rentals and whole island rentals for 2 to 10 people. All the wedding arrangements are been made through local tour operators, who make sure that the things go smooth on this special day.

cousin-cousine-aride-11 picture
All the profit that is generated from tourism is put into the maintenance of the Cousine Island. The Island's Cousine dining area plus Gecko bar is in Pavillion and at this point the chef makes meals personally with Asian, Creole, and some Eastern influences.

The open plan cooker permits you to interrelate with chef whereas he also prepares meals from freshest local ingredients. Cousine Island has got just 4 elegant and roomy villas that lie amongst the verdant vegetation that is found all along this beach. Also they are very much private and secluded, and that will make this island perfect for the people escaping on a romantic hideaway. All the villas have been built in the French Colonial way in order to have fun of Seychelles heritage and they are also located 30m apart, and all with some great sea views with their personal private beach access. Every villa is rented independently.

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