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Seychelles restaurants

Visitors to the Seychelles Islands do not go hungry
Visitors to the Seychelles Islands do not go hungry. While some restaurants in the Seychelles specialize in a single type of cuisine, such as local Creole cuisine, there are a number of restaurants offering a variety of menus to suit every taste. Most restaurants in the Seychelles are located within the larger hotels. Here you can find local specialties, vegetarian meals, non-vegetarian meals, and numerous tropical fruits, some of which are exclusive to the Seychelles. You should have no trouble finding the typical international cuisines, like Chinese and continental. Many of the hotels and guest houses in the Seychelles were plantation houses many years ago. For such a small country, the Seychelles offer a variety of lodging and cuisine styles to fit any budget.

Boathouse, Beau Vallon, Mahe

This restaurant is an easy walk from Vallon Bay, and is a very popular dining choice. Early reservations are a good idea. The Boathouse is located at the curve of Main Street, but despite its bustling location, it is cozy and the food is delicious. This restaurant offers a Creole buffet that offers numerous mouth watering dishes that you may never find anywhere else.

Tea Plantation and Tavern, Mahe

For a great cup of tea, you can stop by the tea factory to watch how tea is made in the Seychelles. Thatched tea taverns offer a variety of tea flavors, including vanilla, citronelle, and lemon grass. Lemon grass tea is a favorite. This tea tavern is a nice place to enjoy your tea while watching the world go by outside the tea tavern windows as you relax.

Buffet: The Frangipani Terrace Restaurant, Mahe

The Frangipani Terrace Restaurant, located at Plantation Club offers a different theme buffet for every night, and live music as well. While this can be an expensive choice - dinner with beer or a soft drink can cost US$50 per person - the buffets are spectacular and draw in both local families and tourists regularly. If you order wine with your dinner, the price can be even higher, so be warned.

Pirates Arms in Victoria, Mahe

The Pirates Arms has a great location in the capital city of Victoria, right in the center of the city. The atmosphere is friendly, and the food and drinks are priced reasonably. The Pirates Arms is a great location to linger for an hour or two. It is fun to sit by a window and drink Sebrew beer while enjoying the sights. Fish Creole is a specialty, and the menu is pretty eclectic. You can find not only pizza, but Thai chicken and rice, along with a number of different cocktails.

Chez Marston, Passer By Dinner, La Digue

Located right on a main road in La Passe on the island of La Digue, Chez Marston is a very nice restaurant. In fact, Mr. Marston himself sits about chatting with friends and passers-by. This restaurant offers up a buffet as well as other menu items.

Sunset Beach Hotel, Sunday Brunch, Mahe

Sunday Brunch at the Sunset Beach Hotel on Mahe is served by the water, and the food is delicious. This hotel has an old world atmosphere that is very appealing. Afterwards you can go down to the beach and people watch, or else watch Seychelles turtles.

La Scala, Les Delices d l'Isle, Mahe

La Scala is a luxurious restaurant that has been around for 30 years. It has a large veranda on top of an enormous rock. The veranda is as large as the crown of the breadfruit trees, and the restaurant offers seafood dishes that are very delicious.

Cuisine in the Seychelles Islands reflects a number of different cultures including Asian, Indian, French, and African. When the first settlers arrived in the Seychelles Islands in the 18th century, they brought their own cooking traditions, to which they gradually added the local fruits and vegetables. Fresh fish is abundant, including cordonnier, grouper, parrot fish, red snapper, jack fish, kingfish, octopus, shark, and barracuda so you need never become bored with the seafood selection.


Breadfruit is a common dessert in the Seychelles, as are sweet potatoes made in coconut milk. These are two selections that are unique and that you will love.

Bourgeoisie Seychelles Cuisine

Jackfish terrine is a local exotic dish that is a favorite among those who live in the Seychelles. It contains palm heart au gratin and is accompanied by a salad made of breadfruit and chicken fricassee, as well as papaya flower chutney and Creole rice.

The options for dining in the Seychelles are almost endless and can be found to suit any taste or budget. The Seychelles are great for trying out foods that you can't get anywhere else in the world.

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