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Seychelles recreation

The prosperity in the Seychelles Islands depends heavily on tourism and travelers who enjoy the beautiful beaches and coral reefs
The prosperity in the Seychelles Islands depends heavily on tourism and travelers who enjoy the beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Water sports like scuba diving, water skiing, boating, and windsurfing are popular. The island chain's magnificent collection of wildlife and plant life are also big tourist attractions. In the year 2000, there were over 130,000 tourists in the Seychelles. Over 104,000 of them were from Europe. In 2000, nearly 2,500 hotel rooms and over 5,000 beds were occupied. Tourist income in 1999 and 2002 were around US$112 million. The U.S. State Department estimates that the cost of living in the Seychelles is around $246 per day.

Even the people who come from very beautiful parts of the world are stunned to see just how beautiful the Seychelles Islands are. The clear, sparkling waters and friendly people bring back many people every year to the islands. Wherever you go in the Seychelles, there are beautiful beaches or other landscapes, and great dining. It is also a fantastic place for a honeymoon and for romantic getaways.

Those who love nature find the Seychelles to be like paradise with its granite and coral islands spilling over with abundant wildlife and plant life. In prehistoric times, these islands were part of the large continent of Gondwanaland that included Africa, India, Madagascar, and Australia. After these drifted apart of thousands of years, the Seychelles remained in isolation so that their plant and animal life flourished untouched by the influence of humans.

The islands remained isolated until a hundred or so years ago. Additionally, the Seychelles government takes the islands' ecology very seriously, and these two factors have allowed the environment to survive and thrive. Besides all the wonderful beaches, there are natural and manmade attractions for travelers, including planned excursions, cars for hire, bicycles, and plenty of places to walk. Additionally, there are craft shops and art galleries, market stalls, and Creole style plantation homes. The world underneath the surface of the ocean is amazing too.

The island is surrounded by clear, warm, sparkling water, with the water temperature averaging at least 78 degrees F all year. Visibility is often 100 feet. More than 200 classes of fishes and at least 250 types of coral have been found near the Seychelles. Invertebrate life exists in huge variety of color, size, and form, and the shells are amazingly diverse. There are also manta rays, sting rays, sharks, tuna, and tortoises that make their homes in and around the islands.

But the Seychelles consist of far more than just great diving and spectacular beaches. Many hiking and walking trails take visitors to the central parts of the islands, and it is easy to feel as if you are the first person to have seen parts of it. There are guidebooks you can obtain to learn more about the plant and animal life you see on the trails, and there are also helicopter tours of the islands also.


Mahe is the biggest island in the Seychelles, and it is formed of granite that comprises mountains and which is surrounded by innumerable coves and lagoons with diamond-white sandy beaches and upscale dining and recreation. Beau Vallon is the most famous bay, and there are hotels along several miles and opportunities for every warm weather recreational pursuit. Enjoying the tranquility of the two national parks on Mahe, Morne Seychelles and Saint Anne Marine National Park is a great way to spend a vacation. Mahe is the most cosmopolitan of the islands with shops, art galleries, restaurants, and plenty of fruit and vegetable markets.

Victoria is the capital of Mahe and is also the capital of the Seychelles as a whole. Outside the city, Mahe is heavy with coconut palms and beautiful peaks that give a great opportunity for viewing the other islands.


The coco-de-mer plam produces the largest nut in the world. they are only found on Praslin. The central portion of Praslin is a primeval tropical forestland, and Praslin has a National Park with well marked trails. There are animals and plants on Praslin that are not found anywhere else.

La Digue

La Digue only has about 20 motor cars, and the primary mode of transportation is the ox cart. La Digue is more remote than Praslin and has its own type of beauty, with small boulders dotting the beaches and the waters. This is such a beautiful setting that fashion photography shoots often take place here. No matter where you turn you find another beautiful view, and feel as if you have it to yourself.

There are bird species in the Seychelles that are found nowhere else on earth. Some are limited to only one or two specific islands in the Seychelles. Day trips to the smaller islands like Silhouette, Denis, Cerf, North, Cousin, Cousine, Felicite, Bird, and Fregate are great ways to observe wildlife you can't see anywhere else. The combination of African, French, British, and Indian heritage results in a wonderfully diverse population that is known for warmth and kindness to visitors. The hotels are very clean and well kept, and good food is found everywhere. The Seychelles are the perfect place for a honeymoon or other romantic getaway.

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