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Seychelles hotels

About 16 of 115 islands of Seychelles at present are offering accommodation and more are expected in the near future

Stunning islands with peaceful golden sandy beaches set in the warm crystal waters of the Indian Ocean with the green palm trees that are reaching down to very waters edge can be a perfect venue to spend your holiday peacefully. In Seychelles you will feel the warm gentle breezes and you just cannot find a more relaxing site other than this place. And this isolated island offers turquoise seas, fine beaches, and warm weather. Seychelles is also well endowed with rare plants that flourish nowhere else on the planet. More than 81 species are exclusive survivors from luxuriant tropical forests, which covered the islands until humanity's belated entrance two centuries ago. The outstanding among these is coco de mer (the sea coconut); local to Praslin that grows in Vallée de Mai. Its seed is the largest in nature. This is the place that has given lots of legends while it was cleaned ashore on the coasts of India, Africa, and Indonesia. As islands were unidentified, nuts were thought to grow under sea and therefore given such a name.

Seychelles is also a major destination for birdwatchers, and there are millions of tern’s shells on islands. Among them the most beautiful of the seabirds is the fairy tern. Around two million grimy terns nest on the Bird Island. On Aride are found world's largest colonies of roseate terns, noddies, and some other tropical birds and it was just 30 years before that the active protection of endangered classes started in Seychelles. From then, with the establishment of the island sanctuaries and nature reserves, much is done to make the Seychelles paradise for different birds – and also for those who would like to see them.

Rapidly changing the face of the Seychelles' housing scene, many new and renovated enterprises are coming online. Often, they are offering visitors with a wider choice in their collection of the holiday accommodation.

The wide variety of new, affordable, as well as refurbished hotels, the self-caterings and amiable Creole guesthouses are now joining the ranks of five star hotels and exclusive island resorts to offer brilliant stays among friendly Creole people and stunning natural environs. About 16 of 115 islands of Seychelles at present are offering accommodation and more are expected in the near future.

Seychelles unluckily has the perception of just offering an expensive accommodation, but you are likely to find the accommodation to fit into everyone’s budget. Some establishments will offer you a double room for two persons starting at €95 and at this cost you will not have many luxuries. However, you will have Creole hospitality that has made this island so famous.

The good insight in Seychelles properties, which includes self-catering apartments, guesthouses as well as bungalows, is quite reasonable for all budgets. These give you value for your money! Some of the newer guesthouses are like apartments that are very well equipped and provide good comfort.

The self-catering establishments will not serve any meals, as they have been equipped with kitchen where vacationers will be able to prepare the meals. For minimum payment, it is possible to get the services of a local chef that will tantalize you with tasty creole dishes...



Elegantly furnished with the wooden louvered windows and king size four poster bed, fresh rooms are located in beautiful two storey buildings surrounded by the coconut palms. Rooms are well equipped with views of tropical foliage, and feature air conditioning, telephone, and balcony with sea views, shower also the tea and coffee making services.


Dine in an informal and friendly manner in a thatched roof restaurant as well as enjoy international and local cuisine, which is served as buffet or else a la carte meal. The seafront bar will serve as a relaxed pool deck and comfortable lounge bar. Relax on sun lounger around large palm fringed swimming pool or else take snorkeling plus fishing trips all over the neighboring islands. The shuttle service will take guests to the Cote D’Or beach and offer two times weekly on-site evening leisure entertainment. The relaxed atmosphere and high level of the room and restaurant service exists.

The best accommodation is found at beaches of Seychelles as well as these include the luxury hotels, island lodges, bungalows and villas. Can the style of holiday in the island be fully complete without a little of funky nightlife? The Seychelles will not disappoint you in this particular regard. Therefore, visitors will be able to enjoy restaurants, beachfront nightclubs, or else try their fortune in a casino game. On islands, you can find people who are very warm and friendly as well as enjoying their full lives in paradise. Language of people – Creole - is very fascinating. Tourists must remember that in the month of October Seychelles will celebrate a festival that is Creole Festival – the big celebration for the whole island. The visas are not needed for the visitors to Seychelles, however get up to date info from your embassy prior to embarking.

If you are looking for villas on Praslin for your holidays you can check on Seyvillas.

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