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Best of Seychelles

Diving, snorkeling, beautiful beaches, Anse Lazio, Vallee de Mai, Coco de Mer, etc.

To a scuba diver, the Seychelles Islands are like paradise. The diving around the Seychelles is unmatched anywhere on the globe because of the amazing beauty of the coral reefs, the water itself, and the aquatic life. Scuba divers and snorkelers from all over the world consider the diving in the Seychelles to be the absolute best. There are so many great diving spots to choose from that you'll have something new every day. The outer islands of the Seychelles are mostly uninhabited, making it perfect for advanced divers. Several locations in the Seychelles have PADI dive centers (PADI is a diving society for certified Scuba divers.), and several hotels teach diving to beginners and veteran divers. Divers do not have to go to the outer islands for diving, however. The inner islands offer plenty of diving too.

If you aren't a certified Scuba diver, but are interested in snorkeling or other water sports, the Seychelles Islands are heaven on earth for you, too. For those new to snorkeling there are low lagoons that are great places to start. There are also plenty of prearranged excursions for visitors. In the Seychelles, you can have wonderful snorkeling excursions even very close to the coast due to the amazing beauty of the waters lapping the islands. Snorkelers will see beautiful, eye-catching marine animals and plants, some of which aren't found anywhere else. The coral reefs are dramatic and beautiful too. You have the opportunity to see green sea turtles, butterfly fishes, bat fish, and many other tropical fishes. The best snorkeling is conveniently within the Marine parks and close to the islands, which is a perfect setting for beginners.

Advanced divers will rave over Alphonse Island, with its unsurpassed marine life. Scuba divers will see millions of fish between the large underwater cliff faces and plateaus. When October comes around, so do the whales, which you will have the opportunity to observe. Other species common to the area include sea turtles, octopus, squid, shark, and tuna. The entire region is a smorgasbord for the eyes for divers.

The island of Praslin, which is the second largest of the Seychelles with a population of 6,500, is home to the most beautiful beaches in the entire world. Expeditions to the private Island Grand Soeur (big sister) will stay forever in your memories. The islands surrounding Praslin include several uninhabited ones. To get to some of these islands, such as Curie, you must rent a boat through your hotel. Hotel owners on Praslin have connections with local boat owners. Trips to the uninhabited islands are easy to make, and the peaceful settings are unlike anything you've experienced before. Most places on earth that are this beautiful are crowded and noisy. But on these islands, peacefulness reigns. The island of La Digue is also home to some of the most wondrous beaches anywhere.

People staying on Mahe should take a day out of their schedule to visit Praslin. Reviews in guidebooks and on the Internet all exclaim at the extraordinary beauty of the beaches here. The one that consistently draws praise is Anse Lazio. It is located on the northwestern curve of Praslin on Bay Chevalier and is a crescent of soft sand abutting turquoise waters. The seashore is edged with Takamaka trees and palms. Near the seashore is the rocky Pointe Chevalier. It is bounded on the other side by the arc of the island, giving it a secluded feel. Anse Lazio is often voted as the most beautiful beach in the entire world by travel magazines and individual travelers.

The Vallee de Mai is a nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site on Praslin. In 1966 it was designated as a nature reserve. Vallee de Mai has an almost perfectly preserved palm forest containing numerous examples of the Coco de Mer, which has the largest seeds of any plant on earth, and leaves up to 18 feet wide and 40 feet long! Wildlife in the park includes the rare Black Parrot, as well as reptiles, crustaceans, and mammals.

There's no better time to book a Seychelles Holiday and partake of the immense world of marine beauty surrounding the Seychelles Islands. There is no question that a visit here will be one of the most extraordinary experiences you'll ever have. While there is no really bad time of year to visit the Seychelles, the waters tend to be roughest in July. You can find good travel packages to the Seychelles Islands on the Internet at good prices if you book in advance. There are vacation packages to fit every taste and budget.

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