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Seychelles beaches

The Seychelles Islands are blessed with numerous amazingly beautiful beaches
The Seychelles Islands are blessed with numerous amazingly beautiful beaches that are perfect for swimming and lounging during your stay there. Some of the beaches are good places for surfing, while others are calm and best enjoyed by soaking up the sun on the sand. The Seychelles are also famous for coral reefs. The waters surrounding the coral reefs are tranquil and perfect for snorkeling, putting the vacationer in the right frame of mind to enjoy a relaxing stay in the Seychelles. A number of beaches that are sheltered from waves are just right for swimming, while beaches with rougher surf often have problems with undertow. But suffice it to say that the beaches in the Seychelles are stunning.

While in the Seychelles, you may do some inter-island travel by way of boat. Keep in mind that the waters near the shores can be bumpy. But once you've disembarked and are walking along one of the golden beaches in the sunshine, you'll forget all about any choppy waters. Normally, the beaches in the Seychelles can be visited at any time during the year. The Seychelles always have warm weather. That makes it easy to plan a Seychelles vacation unless you are traveling there for specific occurrences, such as to witness bird migrations. While rain peaks during the months from November to February, the weather is often still great for vacationing there. The seas tend to be at their choppiest in July and August, which may be attractive to surfers, but not snorkelers. In fact, several beaches are considered dangerous for swimming during July and August because of this. The six months from November through April are generally very safe bets as far as weather for your planned trip to the Seychelles. Bracketing this period, October and May are the months when the strongest trade winds blow, so keep that in mind while planning. However, October and May are also important months for bird migrations, so there may be a bit of a trade-off with weather during those times.

On the island of La Digue, the Anse Source d'Argent is one of the most famous beaches. Crescent-shaped pink sand beaches bounded by huge granite rocks and lapped by crystalline turquoise waters are breathtakingly beautiful, and the waters are usually calm enough for children to play in. Other beaches on La Digue are Anse Cocos, Anse Pierrot, Anse Union, and Anse a la Mouche. Anse Cocos is a great, fairly isolated beach that has good surfing. Anse Pierrot is close to Anse Source D'Argent, and the beauty there is almost impossible to overstate. This part of La Digue is only accessible on foot.

Beau Vallon
Coming up with one "top" Seychelles beach is not easy. There are so many beaches in the Seychelles that feature breathtaking beauty, narrowing it down is a difficult task. It would really be hard to go wrong in choosing a beach to visit here, but it will depend somewhat on personal preferences. If you want water sports and amenities like shopping and dining, you should choose a beach on the more developed islands, like Praslin and Mahe. These islands do, however, have some sheltered cove beaches that are great for getting away from everyone and everything. If you are staying on one of the three main islands, Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue, you would have a hard time finding a beach that didn't look like a slice of heaven. For beach lovers, the Seychelles will spoil you for everywhere else.

Beau Vallon
While the beaches on Mahe, La Digue, and Praslin are the most popular and convenient for visitors to enjoy, they are more crowded than other Seychelles beaches. But "crowded" here is a relative term. The beaches are never packed, unlike South Beach in Miami and other beaches that often get filled to capacity. It's true that it's hard to go wrong when choosing a beach in the Seychelles to visit. But if you only were able to visit one, then perhaps Anse Lazio on Praslin should be the one. This beach regularly shows up on travel blogs and travel websites as being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with white sands and clear turquoise waters. Convenient hotel accommodations are located on Praslin, and there are restaurants at both ends of Anse Lazio. Many travelers report seeing giant tortoises in the vicinity of Anse Lazio.

The water at Anse Lazio is some of the most inviting anywhere. Because it is protected by a coral reef the waters are usually calm and inviting and perfect for snorkeling. It is usually calm enough for children to play in the water as well. This area does not have the level of development and commercialization that most travelers have come to expect at the world's great beaches. For those who want to experience some of the most beautiful beaches on the entire planet, the Seychelles offers literally dozens of them, whether surrounded by isolated land or modern conveniences.

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